About Us

About Us

North American Presence

The Reimagined Parking family of nationally recognized brands–Impark, Lanier, Republic Parking, AmeriPark, and Park One—is the world’s leading tech-powered, people-driven parking solutions provider. Our workforce of 8,000 manages 3,400 high-density parking facilities across 500 North American cities, generating 34 million digital transactions annually.

Republic Parking’s operating experience has expanded through the years as a direct result of our ability to satisfy the transportation management related needs of our clients and their customers. Republic Parking is a full-service transportation management firm. We have served our clients honestly and professionally since 1965. Republic Parking has over 562 operating contracts, totaling an excess of 180,000 parking spaces under management. We are an international company, with operations in the United States, Central and South America.

From humble beginnings, today, Republic Parking employs over 2,300 professionals in 88 US cities and has seen revenues increase to over $365 million.

We have earned the reputation of being “uncommonly good at what we do.” We have established a solid foundation of airport, retail, office, hospital, hotel, valet and special event operating contracts. Our services also include specialized shuttle bus, taxi starter, park and ride and traffic management organization programs. This foundation ensures that Republic Parking will remain at the forefront of the transportation management industry.

Northwest Region

In 1987, Republic Parking expanded its operation to the Pacific Northwest and created a partner company, Republic Parking Northwest, Inc., based in Seattle, Washington.
Since then, our Northwest portfolio has grown to over 222 separate sites located in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. As a full-service transportation management solution we have provided our clients solutions to their parking, valet, shuttle, and curbside management issues. Republic Parking Northwest is able to leverage its relationship with its partner company providing efficient cost-effective operations to our clients. While Republic Parking Northwest works closely with our partner company decision making is made locally which allows our Northwest region property owners and clients the autonomy to work directly with business owners and decision-makers.

Meet Our Team

Take a look at our amazing management team here.

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