Republic Parking began its operations in Boise in 2002. Originally serving ten locations, our services have grown to over 20 locations in downtown Boise.

Our industry knowledge of the Boise area helps us provide profitable as well as efficient operations for our local clients. We pride ourselves on our well-maintained facilities and we ensure competitive rates for our daily and monthly parkers.

We manage parking services for many landmarks in Boise including:
– Welsh Incorporated
– Thornton Oliver Keller

Pay for or Dispute a Parking Citation:
Click on the link to be directed to the Parking Notices webpage.

Management Team

Name: Jenniifer Ansay

Location: Boise

Title: Operations Manager / Luke Technician

Description: Jenniifer joined Republic Parking in 2018 as a Parking Enforcement while studying to become a Luke Technician. It 2019 Jenniifer became Idaho’s Licensed & Certified LUKE Technician & Field Supervisor. In 2020 Jenniifer was promoted to the state of Idaho’s Operation Manager. Prior to Republic Parking Jennifer spent 5 years in Law Enforcement serving her community & 7 years as an Investigator for Adult Protective Services. Jenniifer continues to supervise and manage the operations of all RPNW accounts in Boise, ID as well as maintain the technical integrity of all parking equipment in the Northwest region and Hawaii.


For Disputes: | 208.921.6007

Contact Us

Republic Parking Northwest

P.O. Box 9812
Boise, ID 83707

All other Monthly Parking requests

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